A Time for Everything

No Time Like the Present? Or no time BUT the present? I live in a constant state of frantic hurry, chasing moving targets, burning myself out. I take pictures so I can look back, forgetting to look around in the moment. I nearly did that today, even after my son…

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How I Feel

I don’t know how I feel. Sometimes I can’t even find the words. There’s an app for it, and I can’t answer the question. Existential crisis comes the closest. I’m so tired of being put in boxes. So many of them I built myself. But others have been assigned to…

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A Boy and His Elephants

Yep, another post about Sam. Or more appropriately, about the inspiration for him. Summer, According to Sam is almost complete on Vella, and in celebration of publishing episode 43, I promised some pictures that inspired one of the scenes. First, I have to share this post from my old blog,…

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