I happened upon a little boy, sitting on the ground beside a hole filled with baby snakes. He was stirring it with a stick, watching them writhe. When he noticed me, he accidentally flicked the stick. Out popped one baby snake, which slithered away. Dozens remained inside, but his eyes…

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A Time for Everything

No Time Like the Present? Or no time BUT the present? I live in a constant state of frantic hurry, chasing moving targets, burning myself out. I take pictures so I can look back, forgetting to look around in the moment. I nearly did that today, even after my son…

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How I Feel

I don’t know how I feel. Sometimes I can’t even find the words. There’s an app for it, and I can’t answer the question. Existential crisis comes the closest. I’m so tired of being put in boxes. So many of them I built myself. But others have been assigned to…

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