Unapologetically Rach

The mark is here!

As promised to my Carousel readers, here is the winning entry in my design contest for the mark. The first is from Shady Creek (season one). The second is from The Myst (season two).

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It’s Nice to Meet Me

Remember when I said I was an enneagram 1? You probably don’t, so here it is. If you don’t want to look back at it, I’ll sum it up by telling you that I was frustrated by a situation at re:generation, and I was convinced that my “oneness” made it…

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Flat on My Back

Last week was rough. I feel less like I’m on a roller coaster now and more like I’m on a seesaw. Still up and down, but not nearly as exciting. Re:generation is hard. Inventory is hard. I thought I had knocked it out. On the first week of inventory, I…

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