My work

New to Kindle Vella? You’re not alone. Most people who ask where they can read my books have never heard of it. Currently, my work is only available there, but I plan to release at least one book soon.

If you want to give Vella a try, you can do it without spending any money. The first ten episodes of every Vella are free, and they’ve recently lowered the cost of tokens so every episode after that costs only 10 tokens. I’ve kept my episodes long to give my readers more words per token.

Summer, According to Sam is complete on Vella. Its current cost to read there is 390 tokens, which translates to under $4. It will be available as as ebook and paperback soon.

Carousel is live and ongoing. I plan to publish seasons 1-3 as an ebook once season 3 is complete. That’s several months away. This is my longest project.

The Misadventures of Mia Gibbs is live on Vella, but incomplete and paused. New episodes are coming soon!

Happy reading!